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Your most valuable clients are the ones you already have. Get feedback and stay connected with pet owners after they leave your veterinary hospital.

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The Ohana Exit Sheet

The Ohana Exit Sheet combines three of the most important post-veterinary-care components: discharge instructions, the ability for the pet owner to ask you questions, and a survey so that you can learn about your client's experience. The Ohana cloud platform makes it easy for you to send Exit Sheets to clients, answer client questions via chat, and review survey results.

Exit Sheets = Happy Clients
Happy Clients = More Clients

Modern discharge instructions

Ohana makes it easy to customize discharge instructions for your clients. Create a library of frequently used discharge instructions and save time sending discharge instructions to your clients.

Answer questions

Clients frequently have questions once they get home. You don't want to miss them. With the easy to use chat box in each Exit Sheet, you have an easy way to answer any questions and show-off that amazing customer service.

Get feedback

Each Exit Sheet includes a short, standardized survey that gets you feedback on the most important parts of your practice. The Ohana platform reports these results to you in an easy to understand format, so you can continue to improve your practice.

Better reviews

Ohana powers your amazing customer service and lets you work with clients before they become unhappy clients. The Ohana platform knows when your clients have had a great experience and directs them to the social networks of your choosing, where they can share their positive experience.

The four steps to success.

Getting feedback and staying connected has never been easier.

Get client's email
Give Ohana client's email
Client receives an Exit Sheet
Chat and get feedback

Plans that fit your practice

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  • Send 200 Exit Sheets Per Month
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  •  Send 500 Exit Sheets Per Month
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About Our Team

Team Member

Vince Chuang


Vince has been programming since high school and is vetshare's technical co-founder. He is also a trained biochemist and a practicing attorney.

Team Member

Margaret Trinh


Margaret has been a part of the veterinary industry for eight years, working as a receptionist, technician, and most recently in business development. She is an expert in veterinary communications and has spearheaded many cutting edge programs, including establishing a veterinary referral partner network and a paperless communications system.

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Chief Napping Officer

Malcolm is a yorkie, dachshund, chihuahua, pekingese, and poodle mix. At a smidge less than four pounds, Malcolm is by far the cuddliest of the group. He specializes in warm-laundry naps, barking at everything, and sun tanning.